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Empower the Needy … Engage with any cause of your choice!

DoNoble is a non-profit marketplace platform that supports other NGOs, Social ventures, Non-profit organizations by connecting them to donors, companies & social activists!

Our Goal is to Empower the Needy with Funds, Products, Resources & Operational Expertise to all those Social activities being carried out by non-profit organizations and also to those activities directly initiated by DoNoble group.

Through DoNoble, Social Ventures/Non-Profit organizations can get the right support and funds they need to make their bright ideas a reality. DoNoble backers support the initiatives they like by pledging money, time or both and carry the message to their own social networks and communities. DoNoble charges a small percent of administrative fee on funds raised successfully for each venture which will in-turn be used for running community development activities across different sectors.

DoNoble.org is backed & managed by several professionals & industry veterans with diverse background and experience who ensures to validate each & every project & campaigns showcased on our platform from all aspects like organization genuineness, its activities, its requirements & ultimately the usage of funds & products donated by the donors.

DoNoble.org is an initiative launched by Arkarise Hope Foundation, Arkarise Group with a goal to up-lift communities around us in terms of empowering people with “Hope, Direction & Resources” to make a meaningful & prosperous living!

DoNoble Mission

Our impact is about more than arranging funds to where it’s needed most; it’s also about helping non-profit organizations access tools, ideas & resources that will Empower them to learn, and grow.

Join Us

We are partnering with several non-profit organizations in India and our goal continues to on-board many other social ventures in India and & also from neighbouring countries who work on the ground and post the projects that their communities really need.

If you are running a Social Venture and needs support to elevate your project, feel free to contact us with your project requirements.

Corporate Partnerships

We work very closely with Companies to develop powerful corporate social responsibility, planning of grants & it’s execution, and employee engagement strategies. With DoNoble Supervising & facilitating each and every activity, you are assured of making the right impact to the society.

DoNoble has the right customizable tools and solutions you need to create and enhance your corporate giving strategy, empower your stakeholders, and support high-impact projects across India & other part of the world.






DoNoble TEAM

Let's Meet The Team

Sharad Jaiprakash

Founder & Chairman

Priyadarshini Aralikatti

Co-Founder & Secretary

Jaiprakash N


Shyam Dikshit

Principal – Compliance & Quality

Dr. Vidya Huilgol, MBBS, DCH, FHM

Principal – Projects

V Chandra Shekar

Volunteer & Projects Lead

Arpan Kumar

Volunteer & Projects Lead

Nitesh Singhal

Volunteer - Overseas Operations

Gowrish Babu

Manager – Digital & Systems

Nitin Hariharan

Volunteer & Projects Lead

Madhava Bhatt

Volunteer & Projects Lead

Vinod Palia, L.L.B

Volunteer & Projects Lead

Indu Bansal

Volunteer - Overseas Operations

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