How It Works

DoNoble is a unique marketplace platform in India created to make a difference to those who wish to engage in charitable & humanitarian activities with the help of digital media.

With the help of DoNoble online platform you can support various Social ventures, non-profit organizations and empower them with necessary funds, tools & resources in order to elevate their current status of life.

DoNoble connects various Social ventures, NGOs/non-profit organizations and validates their ongoing projects & immediate needs … Post Verification & Onboarding, their campaigns are created & published online … Donors & Social activists can choose the projects that they wish to support and donate funds or products or to engage in real-time supporting those projects.

The Process of donating funds have been made very simple and also as regulated by Govt. of India norms … Donors can also find projects which offers Tax Benefits (80G / 12A etc.,).

DoNoble team will work closely with all donors to keep you updated on tracking your donation, project progress and ultimately the utilization of funds to its primary objectives.

Good Causes

What Makes DoNoble Different?

Projects You Can Trust

We fully vet every NGO/non-profit organization that we decide to on-board. We even conducted site visits to those organizations for detailed verification on their needs asked.

We are Not-For-Profit

Unlike other crowdfunding and technology platforms, our mission is to help NGOs/non-profit organizations and donors to easily connect & have more impact, not to make a profit.

Donor Satisfaction is guaranteed

If you don’t like how your donation has been put to work, we’ll let you re-allocate the money to a new project of your choice.

Training and support

We offer tools, training, and one-on-one support to help NGOs/non-profit organizations get the funding and resources they need.

Direct Engagement with NGOs

Donors will get to know exactly who and what they are funding. Donors will get to see regular updates on activities performed and also can share the same among their communities.

No hidden costs

There’s no cost for NGOs/non-profits to join … Our small percent fee on donations raised is straightforward, all-inclusive, and drives higher returns than any other platform.

We help Companies give well

We constantly partner with some of the largest companies in the world to develop customized giving programs & execution of their CSR activities.

We Aspire to be truly Global

We are working hard to expand our reach to various NGOs/Non-profits & needy communities from around the world!

We help NGOs/Non-profits thrive

We spend time with NGOs/non-profits by giving them necessary tools & resources to help them listen to the people they serve in their groups and to act on what they hear! It’s our belief that humanitarian work is best accomplished when communities are in the driver's seat of change!

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